Weinstein victim slams Harvey, Hollywood

Earlier this month, film producer Harvey Weinstein was fired as chief executive of The Weinstein Company over multiple sexual allegations.

Ivana Lowell, who previously worked for Weinstein, discussed how the movie mogul showed up unannounced at her apartment and tried to get a massage from her, which she also wrote about in her 2010 memoir, “Why Not Say What Happened.”

“I opened the door and he didn’t’ even bother to go to the living room. He just went straight into my bedroom and laid down on my bed and he asked me to give him a massage and by massage I assumed he meant something more sexual and I just said absolutely not,” she said.

The British aristocrat said she felt the “wrath” of the Weinstein Company after she published her memoir.

“I had Harvey screaming at me, saying that I made him look like a pervert, and I said ‘yes, so,’ because everyone knew that Harvey was a pervert and sexual predator. We just didn’t know the full extent, and actually in my book I was quite lenient. I should have come down on him much harder,” she said.

Lowell said that Hollywood needs to change and that more women should tell their stories about Weinstein.

“It’s so hypocritical, it’s got to stop. I just hope that Harvey is a catalyst for all women to come out and just say what happened. I didn’t have social media back then, we didn’t have Facebook, I didn’t even have a cell phone, so I didn’t have a voice, but now women have a voice,” she said.