Undermining President Trump is not a good idea: Varney

We first saw this video Tuesday: President Trump handing out supplies in Puerto Rico. Didn't think much to this...you can see him there, distributing paper towels to the crowd.

But you see, he was throwing those paper towels into the crowd, and that, to the Left, is a no-no – it’s an insult.

Democratic Congressman [Luis] Gutiérrez said this: "They don't need paper towels tossed at them...I was frankly horrified by our president's performance."

The mayor of San Juan, Carmen Cruz, found the towel throwing "terrible and abominable".

Are you kidding?

President Trump has asked for a $29 billion relief package, for an island that pays nothing in federal income taxes. The president has mobilized FEMA and the military. They've supplied helicopters, generators, thousands of personnel. But a president who tosses paper towels is "abominable".

Then there's NBC’s attempt to undermine the president, claiming [Secretary of State] Rex Tillerson called him a moron. When the nation is reeling from a mass killing, that's news? No its not; it is leftist propaganda.

We've reached the point of absurdity. This does not add to the debate over Puerto Rico's dire situation, or our policy towards North Korea. It’s just another cheap shot at a president who is handling a series of crises.

And it is self-defeating. I repeat what I said at this time yesterday: undermining our president with silly, irrelevant and frankly childish attacks, is not a good idea.