Trump’s National Guard deployment will help secure Mexico border: Gorka

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Trump's use of military troops will secure US-Mexico: Gorka

Former Trump strategist Sebastian Gorka explains why it is of national interest for the United States to secure its borders.

President Donald Trump’s decision to call on the National Guard to secure the U.S.-Mexico border is an act of national security, former Trump strategist Sebastian Gorka told FOX Business.

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“The border is our front door. You’ve got to secure the house that is America and that starts with our borders,” Gorka told FOX Business’s Lou Dobbs.

Trump is planning on deploying U.S. troops until the border wall is built and Congress imposes tighter restrictions on Obama-era immigration policies.

“We have very bad laws for our border, and we are going to be doing some things — I’ve been speaking with General Mattis — we’re going to be doing things militarily,” Mr. Trump said on Tuesday at the White House.

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Gorka said Congressional Republicans are failing the president and the American people by not mandating border security.

“We are the most powerful nation the world has ever seen in history and we can’t secure our borders? Hungary has as secured its borders,” Gorka said. “This little country in the center of Europe has built a fence to stop illegal migration. What about America?”

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