Trump: Why the Media Loves to Hate

I learned something new this weekend—and it has nothing to do with Donald Trump figuring out ways to legally game the tax code.

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It’s that this story resonates well beyond its import, which means to me, the real news here is about the media’s obsessive and compulsive attempt to block the possibility of a Trump presidency. 

Reporters generally hate anyone the GOP puts up, but Trump is a particularly inviting target for their left-wing animus, and it goes beyond his attacks on liberal shibboleths like immigration. It’s a jealousy-rooted hate that envelopes Trump’s whole persona; his ostentatious use of his wealth, his beautiful wives [from all three marriages], and of course, that he’s television famous.

Most reporters, particularly those on the print side of the profession, yearn for more TV time to hump their stories, books and possibly provide a little side income to supplement their crummy salaries. Trump has manipulated the tube while making news and money controlling the medium, and in some cases, the executives that run it.  

Because of all that, most reporters, would rather elect a near felon than someone they loathe because his wealth, wives and orange skin, which is why not a day goes by that some news story is written much less to inform but to put another nail in the Trump presidential coffin.

Take the New York Times

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I wouldn’t have hesitated to report this stuff if Trump’s tax returns mysteriously landed on my desk, which is basically how the paper’s two reporters got the documents, so they said on national television

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