Trump Teams Up With Alibaba CEO to Create Small Business Jobs

President-elect Donald Trump said he had a "great meeting" with the founder and chairman of Alibaba Group Jack Ma at Trump Tower on Monday.

The pair of businessmen spoke to reporters shortly after their meeting, reportedly having discussed increasing support for U.S. small business and agriculture in the Midwest.

“We mainly talked about small business and young people and American agriculture products with China. And we also think that China and U.S.A. relationship should be strengthened, should be more friendly and do better,” said Ma.

Ma told reporters they also discussed allowing U.S. products such as "garments, wine and fruit" to be sold on the Alibaba site.

“We specifically talking about we will create, supporting one million small businesses especially in the Midwest of America. Small business on the platform selling products, every culture products and American services to China and Asia, because we are pretty big in Asia,” Ma said.

Alibaba’s executive Chairman was then asked whether Trump expressed a different view about working with China.

“I think the President-elect is very smart and open-minded and listens. So I tell him my ideas about how to improve trade especially supporting small business, cross board trading and business,” he said.