Trump should build the wall, with or without GOP support: Dobbs

I've made no secret of my contempt for the politics of Speaker Ryan and his like-minded band of RINOs in the House and the Senate. Just as he has made no secret about his disdain for the national interest, our working families, our Middle Class.

Ryan's chief appeal to his corporatist masters seems to be his puppyish eagerness to please the power brokers of the establishment and the moneyed marauders who infest K Street. And his passionate pursuit of open borders, and cheap illegal immigrant labor. He of course was no fan of defined benefit programs, which he saw as an awful and terrible, unfair burden on corporate America's international competitiveness. Ryan embraced 401(k)s and didn't blink at the yawning gap in the value of pensions versus 401(k)s. Nor was Ryan a fan of employer healthcare benefits for employees. Again, he lamented the loss of market competitiveness that resulted.

And now Ryan, who wants to further free working families and our middle class from other benefits by cutting entitlements like Social Security and Medicare, wants to pass a bill that he calls a "compromise" or "leadership" bill on immigration.

Obviously, his masters are desperate to keep our border with Mexico wide open. So many depend on $30 to $40 billion of remittances from foreign nationals working in this country illegally to their families in their home nations, most often Mexico. And the cartels bring nearly $70 billion back to Mexico from their shipments of cocaine, marijuana, heroin and methamphetamine to mostly young Americans whose lives are destroyed by addiction. And the cartels are also the driving force behind illegal immigration, smuggling hundreds of thousands of illegals into the United States each year.

As millions of illegal immigrants arrived in America over the past two decades, they've cut the wages of hard-working American citizens. But of course that was the design of Ryan's masters all along, and all the more reason Ryan and the RINOs have fought against President Trump's wall. In the latest omnibus spending bill, Ryan allotted $1.6 billion for general border security, but not a dime to build a wall.

Ryan wasn't content with that insult to the president. He actually cut the number of ICE agents to enforce immigration law internally.

The president is already a historic president. No president has ever done more that he has in a year and a half. His accomplishments are a testament to his intellect and his talents -- and also his patience.

Why he tolerates the buffoons of his party's Capitol Hill leadership is a mystery to me, whether it’s the lame-duck Speaker who is more than willing to kill the GOP’s chances of preserving their majority in the midterm elections, or Leader McConnell who persists in refusing to kill the 60-vote rule in the Senate.

Mr. President, I would hope you'd tell the Speaker and the Majority Leader you no longer need their approval. That there's no grand bargain to be had with these arrogant fools. Besides, you've already made a grand bargain with all of us deplorables, or as you called us all last night in South Carolina, the super-elites -- your supporters, the men and women who were forgotten by the three presidents who preceded you. Your supporters want no deal on amnesty in order to secure the border.

We want no quid pro quo and no more false choices offered up by globalist elites, and certainly no false choice between national security or amnesty for millions who've broken our laws. Ryan and McConnell have senselessly obstructed your presidency for a year and a half, tired of the establishment's efforts to slow roll your presidency as you constantly and consistently take on every challenge, take on every adversary, and lead.

You've spoken of using the military to build the wall in the interests of national security. So build the wall, whether with the Army Corps of Engineers, or contractors like Bechtel and Boeing, or the Navy's Seabees. Their motto, Mr. President, you'd have to love: “Construimus, Batuimus,” or “We Build, We Fight!” Sound familiar, Mr. President? And “The Fighting Seabees” is a great movie starring, appropriately, John Wayne.

You've done a lot. It's your era. This is your time, and America is with you.