Trump's Pennsylvania rallies are a better indicator than polls: Former GOP pollster

On Monday night, President Trump held a rally in Montoursville, Pennsylvania to ramp up support in the all-important battleground state.

Trump won Pennsylvania in 2016, but according to a newly released Quinnipiac poll, Joe Biden leads the President 53 to 42 percent there.

With recent polls showing Biden in the lead over the other 23 declared Democrat candidates, many officials within the Trump campaign are looking at the former VP as their main opponent going into the election. Chris Wilson, former pollster for the Ted Cruz Campaign, and CEO of WPA Intelligence warned that polling is important but rallies and traveling to voters is the key to winning.

“The academic literature in political science tells you that rallies are really the most important indicator of what happens,” said Chris Wilson told FOX Business' Kennedy. “[Rallies] are also an important indicator of how you can persuade voters, and you look at the turnout that Donald Trump had tonight, and it harkens back to 2016.”


Wilson added that the President’s strong economy and tough stance on foreign policy could also help him going up against Biden.

“The American public is behind the President. There was a lot of problems from a polling opinion standpoint the Obama-Biden apology tour, and the fact that they allowed what the American people saw as foreign countries to kind of push us around,” said Wilson.