Trump is a breath of fresh air in politics: Nigel Farage

A Hollywood studio is reportedly considering a six-part series on former UK Independent Party Leader Nigel Farage and his role in Brexit, the country’s exit from the European Union.  But when the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney of Varney & Co. suggested that Hollywood spin would be nasty to him because of his conservative politics, Farage responded, “Well I can’t stop them if they want to can I?”

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But Farage understood why his story interested Hollywood.

“It’s quite a story isn’t it?  There’s this bloke that used to work in the city of London trading commodities and he had an idea, he thought the whole political establishment in Britain had got it wrong and so he launched a campaign to try and turn the country around by 180 degrees… and you know what, in the end he won.”

But when Varney suggested Hollywood would blame him and Brexit for President Trump’s election win, Farage responded, “Of course, I mean, what they will say is that Brexit began the revolution of ’16 that lead directly to Trump.  Do you know what?  If they were to say that, I would be only too pleased because however much the liberal media may hate Trump, the Democrats may hate Trump, and some of the rather snobby members of his own party may hate Trump, actually he is a breath of fresh air in politics in my view.”