Trump campaign aims to make health care a major issue in 2020

Democratic presidential hopefuls congregated in Washington D.C. Monday to discuss various issues that will become a primary focus for voters in the 2020 election.

While “Medicare-for-all” has become a central focal point for Democrats with the majority of candidates calling for a variation of socialized medicine, President Trump is reviving his call to dismantle Obamacare.

“Even the 2020 Democrat contenders seem to be distancing themselves from Obamacare. They’re all saying ‘Obamacare had a lot of issues so what we need is a government takeover of health care,’” Kaleigh McEnany, the Trump 2020 Campaign National Press Secretary, told “After The Bell” on Monday.

“President Trump has opened choices, expanded the market, allowed short term plans, and for the first time in just over nine years we’re seeing Obamacare premiums level out, and that’s because of Trump and free market policies.”

McEnany denied that discussing health care is a political risk for the president.

“We did have a plan, unfortunately it was one vote shy, and that was Graham-Cassidy which empowered the states. We’ll see where the White House goes next, but the answer is free-market solutions.”


While the president’s take on immigration issues has played well with his base, McEnany said Trump is not going too far by threatening to close the U.S. southern border.

“Obama’s Department of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said, ‘We have a crisis on our border.’ This is a bipartisan agreement. It’s unacceptable that 4,000 illegal immigrants attempted to cross our border in one day last week, and one million will do so this year alone, according to estimates.”