Trump border trip to address wall gaps, drug trafficking impact

Rep. Lisa McClain will join Trump, Gov. Abbott on border visit

Rep. Lisa McClain, R-Mich., is joining former President Donald Trump on his trip to the southern border Wednesday. McClain discussed what the group of Republicans hope to achieve during the visit with FOX Business' Stuart Varney on "Varney & Co."

REP. LISA MCCLAIN: I think this trip will achieve, again, heightened awareness of policies that used to work, and with the stroke of a pen, those policies being completely in ruin. Now, the border is not secure. 

We all know that, yes, we have people coming across the border, but we also have another issue, which is the opioid [crisis] and all of the illegal drugs that are coming through. So I think this will highlight again and bring attention to the crisis that we do have at the border…

In Michigan, in our town of Albian, we are receiving unaccompanied minors. We have a facility that holds 200 unaccompanied minors that are coming to my state, to your point, 1,000 miles away [from the border]. 

But I am also concerned about this from the drug and opioid epidemic, because the Border Patrol agents cannot deal with the amount of illegal immigration that is coming across the border. And when they're dealing with that, that leaves holes for the cartels and the drug smugglers to traffic all of these drugs across the border…

We have a delegation from the Republican Study Committee coming down that will actually help work on policy. [Former] President Trump obviously is coming down. We're going to do a roundtable with Governor Abbott. 

So hopefully we can begin to put the politics aside and actually deal with the issues of securing the borders again and make America safe - not for just us, but for our children as well.