Trish Regan: Trump shows real strength on Iran

The world remains on edge as President Trump contemplates a response to Iran’s downing of one of our surveillance drones in international waters. He called off an attack on Iran on Thursday night and he did the right thing.

His instincts are correct and thus far he’s managing to avoid a war even though some, I suspect, would love to see it. Remember, he’s standing down in spite of the media and his own team. There are people in the media right now that seem to want a war. How insane is that?

Let’s not forget his National Security Advisor John Bolton, who has a long-standing reputation for being quite willing—some might even say kind of anxious—to engage in war.

Who would ever want that? Who wants to waste our money and our lives for Iran? No thanks.

This is a president that won’t be fooled. He won’t be goaded into a war by Iran, or the media, or the left or the far-right. He recognizes that sometimes there is more leverage in waiting and thinking and not engaging until you’ve really thought through all of your options.

What’s the rush? Iran is scared right now, and it should be. Let’s let them stay scared.

24 hours ago the president had a plan in place. According to him, we were locked and loaded and about to fire at Iran. But according to the president, too many people would have died and thus, he called it off. Good. This shows the world that the US is the bigger, better, more rational country.


The president needs to stay the course. Be ready to move, if need be, but also remain open to rational discussion. I guarantee that if and when the Iranians are willing to sit down and talk, this president will be there.