Trish Regan: Democrats need to wake up on the border crisis

As of Wednesday evening, no deal has been reached with Mexico regarding the migrant crisis, and talks will continue Thursday. Tariffs on Mexican goods are set to go into effect next Monday.

Our border crisis is now a full blown emergency. 132,887 people were caught at the border this May, more than any in a month in at least 13 years and bringing the total number of people processed to 680,000 this fiscal year-- more than the population of Miami.

I don’t care whether you’re Left or Right - if you’re American, you should be hugely troubled by these numbers.

This is pathetic-- what kind of country are we when so many are here illegally, and when so many South Americans and Central Americans are illegally crossing our border to come here and live off the generosity of our system? How long does this go on?


Democrats need to wake up and start living in the real world along with the rest of the world. You think any other country, anywhere, would allow this? Nope.