Trish Regan: John Bolton now a 'hero' to Democrats

Power and greed are powerful emotions, motivators

Money, ego, revenge and the seduction of being a media darling is pretty powerful stuff, and, John Bolton is proving he's not immune.

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Former National Security Council adviser Bolton was once the "boogeyman" of foreign policy for the left, someone whom they considered ruthless. Indeed, Bolton was once described by the New York Times editorial board as "dangerous.” The New Yorker called him a "warmonger," and Vox labeled him a "hawk" (which is not a compliment from Vox.)

Suddenly, the “boogeyman” is now a “hero” to the left, as a manuscript for his new book got leaked to the Times, and his publisher followed the leak with pre-order book sales on Amazon (convenient timing, of course.)

What a business. Democrats and the liberal media not wasting any time capitalizing on the moment.

"We ought to not only have John Bolton testify, but we ought to see what he wrote down in his notes at the time," Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., said.

Then, you have folks in the liberal media saying Bolton’s revelation is a "bombshell" and "game over" for President Trump. They all want Bolton to be called as a witness, and even some key Republican senators, like Susan Collins from Maine, are considering it.

The Democrats are proving how disingenuous this entire ordeal, this sham impeachment, really is. It’s about stripping away the votes of 63 million Americans. It's not about the issue at hand. They don't care two-bits about Ukraine. Heck, President Obama's administration never even provided Ukraine with the financial support it needed. Obama's administration gave Ukraine blankets while Vladimir Putin took over Crimea.

The Democrats will take any issue they can find to push through their hostile takeover of the U.S. government. Heck, they even tried to make America think the president was a Russian asset! Remember when former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said it appeared Trump was a Russian asset? Or when former CIA director John Brennan called Trump treasonous?


Don't forget the context of what they're attempting to do right now. Democrats spent tens of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars and consumed government resources for nearly three years over this bogus charge they had Robert Mueller investigate. I mention this because we can't forget for two seconds where they're coming from, what this is really about, and to what lengths they will go to unseat this President of the United States and undo the will of the American voters.

As for Bolton himself, is ego really that powerful a motivator? During the height of the Venezuela crisis, as the United States tried to restore democracy and capitalism to our southern neighbor, as people struggled without food and water in that socialist cesspool, multiple sources repeatedly told me Bolton was screwing things up. According to them, it was: “my way or the highway." He was refusing to listen to our longtime intelligence operatives on the ground, people who’d spent decades figuring out the situation.

And why? Ego.


Sources said he had his way of doing things and didn't want to listen to, nor accept, anything or anyone else. We lost an opportunity to remove Nicolas Maduro from power. Not so long thereafter, Bolton lost his job.

If you've got an ego that big and you think you know what's right and wrong for the world, how exactly do you manage to work with a president who does not want to engage American troops unless positively necessary? Trump had hoped they could play "good cop - bad cop," remember?

Trump said in June 2019, "I have John Bolton, who I would definitely say is a hawk ... I disagreed very much with John Bolton — his attitude on the Middle East and Iraq was going into Iraq. I think that was a big mistake."

The problem with the good cop-bad cop thing? You actually need to be on the same team. You both need to be in on the act.  You cannot have a situation where the head of the NSC is at odds with the president. Add in a little ego, this is not going to go over so well.


Interestingly, Bolton was fired on Sept. 10, 2019, and the "Anonymous" book came out on Nov. 19, 2019. I do not believe it was Bolton, and I am not suggesting it was. However, there is this NSC staff member who worked for him, and all fingers are pointing to the NSC staff who recently got an early copy of Bolton's manuscript as the team who reportedly leaked it to the Times. Some power players like former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon think the Times will have egg on its face when the truth is finally discovered.

Bannon told me back in November, "I think what's incumbent is for Sulzberger and the NY Times to reaffirm it's a senior administration official. That means a cabinet secretary, an undersecretary ... anybody else is not senior. And that means that they purposely misled the American people about Donald Trump and his fitness for office."

Interesting, right? Meanwhile, fast forward to this manuscript. Low-level NSC staffers reviewed it. The people that would have worked under Bolton, could they have leaked it?  And if so, could they have been part of the "anonymous" op-ed that said they wrote to save Trump from himself? Meanwhile, as we attempt to piece this all together, don't forget, the so-called whistleblower was said to have talked with Schiff's staff in the days before he filed his whistleblower complaint.


In summary, we are left with many questions. It may take a long time before we get answers, but, we deserve them. There should be an investigation into all of this because, at this moment, the so-called deep state feels alive and well.

The president wants to trust people, but he needs people who share his worldview and people who aren't trying to make a buck on the side. Motives need to be aligned. And in the case of John Bolton, it was just all wrong. Bolton is an interventionist; the president is not. It was never going to end well.

And thus, we find the country where it is tonight. The Democrats are attempting to capitalize on a leaked manuscript of Bolton's book as the White House threatens to block it entirely due to classified material.

Regardless of what happens, it's important America understand motives. Power, greed, and perhaps more than anything, ego, are powerful emotions and motivators. Remember that.