Trish Regan: FBI should be ashamed of using opposition research to spy on an American

Sources have now confirmed that the Justice Department’s inspector general, Michael Horowitz, is investigating how the Steele dossier, a piece of opposition research bought and paid for by the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign, was used to get a surveillance warrant to spy on an innocent American, Carter Page.

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We’re now learning the application to get that warrant from the FISA court did not disclose who was funding that research. So, no mention of the bias.

This is so above and beyond the outrageous! I don’t care what party you’re in, or which way you lean, this is malpractice at best on behalf of our FBI.

Think about it. We know that that the FBI used unverified opposition research to get a FISA warrant. They never verified it. They never authenticated it. Heck, they never even tried to!

This is like me taking some information told to me by the National Enquirer and regurgitating it to you on air as truth! That would never happen. But, I have some integrity. The deep state folks? Clearly, some did not because these are things that you do not do, not if you respect our country, its people and our constitution.

There’s something especially interesting about the closed-door testimony of former FBI General Counsel James Baker, besides the fact that he never verified anything. Baker became personally involved in a way that normally he never would.

Baker told the House Judiciary Committee in October of 2018, “At that point in time when I was at the FBI, most of the FISA -- almost all the FISA applications -- did not go through me."


So, you have to wonder, why did he get involved? If it was that sensitive, shouldn’t he have checked his sources? Was he trying to help take the Trump campaign down?

All valid questions as the mystery of the deep state spygate unfolds in real time.