Trish Regan: Chicken stunts supported by Democrats are beneath Congress’ dignity

Today must have been show-and-tell day for our House of Representatives, and the Democrats decided to bring a chicken. A real chicken instead of a ceramic figurine might have been more interesting, but to amplify his performance, Congressman Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., also brought KFC. This “chicken stunt” all designed to take a jab at the attorney general for declining to come to their hearing today.

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This is what major matters of state are being reduced to? Stunts? Political theater? These are the people we are relying on to govern and secure our country.

You’ve heard me question whether the partisanship in Washington has made us, as a nation, ungovernable — and, indeed, Democrats are doing their very best to make sure of it.

President Trump in an exclusive interview, told me the reason Attorney General Barr declined an invitation from Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., is that Nadler demanded staff counsel—not solely members of the committee and of Congress themselves—be able to question Barr. Barr declining the invitation to be questioned under those circumstances is absolutely fair. But if I were Attorney General Barr, I’d have another reason to skip Congress: politics. You have only to watch Democrats’ behavior questioning Barr in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, attempting to smear Barr and prove their new theory of obstruction, to see what Barr would have been up against in the House.

This is political, and that’s concerning. We should all be on the same team when it comes to truth and justice. Knowing that it’s political should concern us. We’re talking about serious stuff-- the Democrats wanted the world to think President Trump was an agent of Russia. When they found out, with proof, that he was not, Democrats decided he should go down for trying to strategize with members of his team on how to navigate their bogus allegations. It’s all incredibly troubling, and all members of Congress should work to move forward—not get bogged down with stunts.