Trish Regan: Biden’s rhetoric is divisive

A top contender to become the Democratic nominee for president is going straight back to the divisive, old-fashioned, manipulative identity politics.

Joe Biden announced his candidacy today with a message designed to rally minorities while painting President Trump as a racist who inspires more racism.

This political tactic takes us backwards as a nation.

The president may not speak perfectly all the time but, let’s face it, neither does Joe.

His message today, a message of division designed to put conservatives on defense, is what you call dirty politics. When you call someone a racist, it’s about one of the worst things you can say, and then they're forced to play defense.

But, enough with the rhetoric. Let's talk results: Trump has put in place policies that have generated economic growth — most significantly in minority populations. Hispanic and African-Americans are looking at the lowest unemployment rates on records. And women? The lowest since 1953.

I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist. It still does, and there’s plenty of sexism, too.

But as a country, the best way to overcome this is by creating more opportunity and more prosperity for everyone, but not by selling division, handouts and reparations.


We cannot and will not tolerate racism in this country. But, the path forward is not for politicians to point fingers and name call and shout "he's a racist," but to offer ideas to improve the lives of every American citizen.