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Today ‘Making It’ in the U.S. Makes You a Target


It’s two days before Tax Day -- and this is already way beyond taxing.

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President Obama again is pushing higher taxes on the rich, who “still haven't paid their fair share.” And Hillary Clinton pushing the same in an online message that bemoans a deck "still stacked in favor of those at the top."

So, the solution to that is keep screwing those at the top?

As if a top rate of 40% weren't enough (and really 45% when you throw in health-care related Medicare and investment surtaxes). Squeeze them still more?

That's what "making it" makes you in this country...a target.

Keep in mind the top 20% of earners pay 84% of income tax, and the bottom 20% get "paid" by the government in the form of tax credits and writeoffs.

So how much does all this tick you off?

All the attention politicians give to getting "more" money, but never so much as a peep about coming up with ways to "save" money.

No, my friends, the problem isn't all the money coming "in" to Washington. The problem is all the money coming out -- the spending that's so out of control, taxing all the rich's income wouldn't pay for it all.

So maybe we're looking at the wrong villains: not the folks paying the bills, instead how about the politicians giving them the bills?

What do you think?

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