Thousands rally in central London to protest Brexit plan

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Negotiating post-Brexit UK trade deals with US

Liam Fox, U.K. secretary of state for the Department of International Trade, on negotiating post-Brexit trade deals with countries such as the U.S.

LONDON (AP) — Thousands are gathering in central London to protest Britain's plans to withdraw from the European Union.

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The marchers plan to converge on Parliament Square on Saturday to challenge the government's plan to implement Brexit by 2019.

The goal of what organizers call the People's March for Europe is to "unite, rethink and reject" Brexit.

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Britain voted in June 2016 to withdraw from the 28-nation EU bloc. Parliament is expected to vote Monday on a repeal bill even as negotiations with the EU are moving extremely slowly.

The talks have been stalled because of disputes over how much Britain will have to pay the EU because of existing obligations.

Some of the protesters carried the familiar EU flag while others carried "Exit from Brexit" banners.

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