There is an organized effort to deny conservative Americans free speech: Stuart Varney

There is an organized effort to deny free speech to conservative Americans.  It’s the left that’s doing it.

They are labelling conservative opinion as hate speech, which should therefore be banned.

Case in point: Jihad Watch is a website that tracks the activities of radical Islam. PayPal kicked Jihad Watch out, saying it could no longer raise money through them. Why? Because leftist groups said Jihad Watch showed "extreme hostility to Muslims". They equated conservative opinion with hate. Jihad Watch is now back on PayPal because there was an outcry about this censorship. But the point is, this is how the left is working to deny you access to conservative opinion on your morning news feed.

Think about this: The big tech companies are now in charge of what you can see and read on your morning news feed. And they are not friendly to the president and they're not friendly to any opinion that’s right of center. They are pre-disposed to censorship. The left knows this and exploits it. Your free speech is at stake.

Two more brief free speech items:

The violence last night in Arizona. That’s the left, intimidating Trump supporters. It’s another attempt to deny their free speech.

And here's something more subtle: A CNN anchor this week admitted that journalists don't like or approve of the president. That attitude is near universal, in private. And it surely affects their public reporting. Speeking freely, in support of conservative opinion, is not encouraged.

Perhaps our greatest freedom is the freedom to speak freely. It’s being taken from us, and we can't let that happen.