The Washington Post leads the media jihad against President Trump: Stuart Varney

I worry about The Washington Post. It was rightly considered one of America's great newspapers. Now, its descending into farce.

Look at this: "Trump briefly glanced at the sky, without protective glasses". The horror!

He ignored the good advice that had bombarded us constantly - he glanced at the sun during the eclipse. To the Post, that’s apparently shocking, and worthy of a public rebuke.

On the editorial page, Eugene Robinson says "it’s time to talk about Trump's mental health". Really? Why don't you just call him crazy and be done with it!

Wait, there's more.  Also in today's edition, there is a breathless denunciation of the Treasury Secretary's wife and her reports of the fashion brands she wore while flying with her husband on a government plane. The couple paid for the flight out of their own pockets, but the Post reporter still finds the story bizarre. I think it’s the Post that is bizarre

This is not the reportage of a great newspaper.

Apparently, it is the reportage of a newspaper now owned by a leading Trump critic, Jeff Bezos. He's the founder of Amazon. He's worth close to $90 billion.

What we're looking at here is a journalistic disaster. The Washington Post leads the media jihad against President Trump. If readers and advertisers peel away, Bezos doesn't care. He's wealthy beyond measure.

But when the media descends into shallow, almost childish, criticism, we all lose.  As the fall legislative season approaches, we need a media that dissects tax cuts, infrastructure, health care and growth. We don't need silly little pieces about glancing at the sun, or the clothes of a Treasury Secretay's wife.  And we certainly don't need dangerous and unfounded speculation about the sanity of our president.