The President’s Healthcare Gamble

When you take a step back and evaluate the ObamaCare situation it is obvious that president Obama is a gambler.

He gambled one-sixth of the United States economy that he could "convince" young people to sign up for something that they didn't want. Putting aside the website (too much attention is given to this and not enough to the damaging impact of the law), his gamble didn't and won't work.

Remember, this legislation has been a reason why people haven't been hiring and now this legislation will be responsible for killing any hope for GDP growth.

It is crucial to point out that if and when the U.S. economy does well, so does the rest of the world economy. We are the pied piper economically for the world economy. ObamaCare is killing our economy and has been since it was first introduced.

The business community has disliked and feared it from the beginning, and throughout the ObamaCare "debate" the business community has developed inertia.

Employers not knowing if ObamaCare would pass, then not  knowing if it would hold up at the Supreme Court,  then not knowing what was in it and how it would impact their businesses and furthermore not knowing its cost to their bottom-line -- all of this has restrained business expansion, business investments and, most importantly, hiring because of a lack of clarity on the overall business landscape.

Many isolate ObamaCare and unknown costs related to it as a major factor for not hiring. A healthy jobs market is the springboard for economic expansion and success and is proof that economic policies are being fruitful.

The U.S. is the leader of the world economy. If we do well, the rest of the world usually follows. Conversely, if we do poorly and we don't hit on all cylinders, the rest of the world suffers. President Obama's gambling has not only greatly hindered our economy but has had a direct systemic negative ripple throughout the world.

As we discuss the failure of the website, lets not take our eye off the real problem the world faces.  ObamaCare and the other negative business legislation Obama and his administration support fail to support the world economy. This isn't a reach. It is factual.