Stuart Varney: Trump hatred will backfire for the left

Are we going to impeach the President, put him on trial and remove him from office because he opposes a congressional subpoena?

That is what this all boils down to. The left says the president has declared himself above the law. He's covering up, and therefore impeachable. Really? Impeach, because the president demands that his tax and business records remain private. I think that’s a stretch.

But that’s where the Democrats are headed. Blinded by hatred. Driven by contempt.

Think about this: Trump derangement syndrome has so affected so-called "progressives" that they will ask their colleagues to commit political suicide. And that’s what it would be. All those House Democrats who represent Trump leaning districts, moderates, would have to cast their vote in full view of the television cameras and their constituents. Throw out the president because Speaker Pelosi thinks he's unfit for office? Good luck with that.

Newsflash: the country opposes impeachment.

A new Harvard-Harris poll: 65 percent say congress should not begin impeachment proceedings. Two thirds say: don't do it at all.


And just wait until we see what really went on during the 2016 election: full reports are on the way.

And they will hit, just as the impeachment fury hits full force...

The left is going to lose, big -time...