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The Hillary-and-Jeb Tunnel Vision


Let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks they've won the race.

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There is a viral web video of a runner with his hands raised. By the looks of him, he’s probably thinking he’s got the race in the bag. The finish line is close, and he can’t see anyone in front of him.

Pity, because there’s a guy behind him, and gaining on him… you know the ending… beating him!

It’s the latest reminder you should never get ahead of yourself, literally or figuratively.

Or for that matter: politically.

Right now the presumed presidential sprinters with their arms already raised are Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.

No one has more money...or seems off to a faster start.

And given the media coverage each is enjoying about their party inevitability, you'd almost think there's no one else in the race ... or certainly not anyone who stands a chance.

But take it from that runner going down the's not over until someone crosses the finish line.

He didn't.

In politics...who will?

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