The Danger of Tattoos

A recent report suggests a link between hepatitis-c and tattoos. Doctors are urging anyone with a tattoo to get tested for hep-c as soon as possible. Will this warning have an effect on the tattoo industry? Dr. Marc Siegel thinks so.

Siegel believes that there is a direct link between tattoos and hep-c. "130 studies in 30 countries show that you're 3 times as likely to get hepatitis-c if you're tattooed," he told us.

Siegel thinks that the government needs to be more proactive in regulating the tattoo industry. "I actually would like more government oversight with this," he said. "This is what the government should be doing, not mandating that we all get insurance."

Siegel's advice to anyone thinking about getting a tattoo; do your homework. "You have to see that the [tattoo parlor] is obeying OSHA regulations, the equipment has to be cleaned off with alcohol, they've got to be using sterile needles, they have to use protective equipment that's not easily pierced," Siegel explained. "You can tell by how serious they are about this, but again- I'd like to see federal regulation on this one."