Ted Cruz: Amendment can bridge gap between split Republican Party

The Congressional Budget Office says the latest Republican effort to repeal ObamaCare would lead to 22 million fewer people insured by 2026 while saving $420 billion. However the CBO did not include the provision by Senator Ted Cruz which would allow insurers to offer less comprehensive coverage.

Sen. Cruz told FOX Business, his provision can bridge the gap between the split Republican Party to get the bill passed.

“If premiums go down… that’s a big win… for conservatives… moderates… for everyone in the party because it’s a win for our constituents,” he said.

Cruz said the CBO would not be able to evaluate the Cruz amendment in time for the next vote, but pointed out how the Department of Health and Human Services was able to score the bill.

“They projected with the Consumer Freedom Amendment 2.2 million more people will get health insurance… [It] would lower consumer premiums by $7,000 a year,” he said.

While currently illegal, Cruz said part of his bill would allow people to use health savings accounts to pay for premiums.

“A health savings account is pre-taxed,” he said. “That means it’s an immediate cut for millions of people of 20 to 30% in your effective premium rate.”

Cruz added while the current bill is not exactly ideal, it’s good enough.

“I am a yes on this bill,” he said. “I would happily vote for a one sentence bill. ObamaCare is repealed—period, full stop, the end. I think we should repeal the taxes… all of this nonsense… the sad reality is we don’t have the votes… and I want to get this done… I want to honor the promises we made to the people that elected us.”