Kennedy: Students should sue colleges for academic fraud

Clearly there is an allergy to free speech on college campuses, but the president's well intentioned executive order to guarantee free speech may not have the intended effect of balancing out discourse.

It's easy to make fun of colleges when stories come out, day after day, about trigger warnings and safe spaces and speech codes. It's downright scary when the same laughable mentality leads to melees and violence as certain kinds of "offensive" speech are deemed violent acts that deserve *physical* violence to stop the threat.

Conservative and liberty leaning activists who go on campuses to pass out pro life literature and constitutions shouldn't be walloped because some insulated baby commie has no impulse control.

The problem with calling out free speech is applying an objective solution to subjective acts, as if there were only two speech genders - liberal and conservative - and that somehow a Title XI like bandaid be applied to make sure they were engaged in equal measure. There is also no *real* mechanism for enforcement. If a public school like UC Berkeley has a virulent strain of irrational progressivism sickening its liberal arts department, it doesn't seem like withholding federal cancer research dollars on another part of campus would either make the problem better or make society healthier. Should the federal government be doling out dollars in the first place? Maybe not, but that's a different order for a freer day.

The real problem lies in the federal money that's being pumped into schools that have no incentive to keep costs down or trim administrators, and from 1990 to 2012 faculty went from outnumbering administrators 2 to 1 to having equal numbers 22 years later. The average student loan debt more than doubled in the last 13 years, as institutions with no incentive to provide a tangible successful outcome also have no reason to balance out the ideas and discourse for overcharged, intellectual adolescents who are more terrified of divergent opinions than of personal financial ruin.


Until students start *suing* colleges for academic fraud nothing on campus will change, and conservative discourse will be as rare as affordable college.