Stuart Varney and Juan Williams Clash Over Clinton

Donna Brazile’s resignation at CNN over leaked questions to the Clinton campaign sparked a heated debate between FBN’s Stuart Varney and “The Five” co-host Juan Williams.

Varney scolded Hillary Clinton for “knowing the questions beforehand and not saying anything about it,” calling it a disgrace.

Williams had a different take.

“You mean that she was prepared and the violation here would have been someone, Donna Brazile in this case, providing a question to the campaign. I think that’s the problem,” he said.

“No here’s the problem, you go into a debate, the world is watching and you know the questions beforehand. But your opponent doesn’t. But you know the questions beforehand because you cheated,” charged Varney.

Williams quickly cut Varney off, saying, “you cheated?”

“Yes you cheated,” responded Varney.

Donna Brazile FBN

While Williams thinks it was wrong for Donna Brazile to get the questions, he made a point to say both candidates prepare for debates.

Varney disagreed, reiterating his point that Clinton got the question and didn’t do anything about it.

Williams again differed, “she was prepared and I would guess that it was bundled into her preparations. So if that’s your point. I find that a stretch.”

“That knocks the whole concept of a free and open debate out of the park. Her opponent, Sanders, he did not know the questions in advance, he didn’t get a chance to look good but Hillary Clinton did,” Varney responded.

“Senator Sanders was well prepared and if your point is her campaign was being overly aggressive and Donna Brazile crossed the line, I agree with you, but to somehow associate that with the candidate being prepared you’re way over the line,” replied Williams.

The debate became even more fiery when Williams accused Varney of “trying to impugn Senator Clinton,” because Donald Trump is losing.

Varney responded: “She knew the questions beforehand…That’s preparation? That’s preparation? Is that how you Leftists conduct yourselves?...You cheat like that?”

Despite clashing, Varney and Williams ended the interview on friendly terms.