Steve Moore to FBN: Expect Two Different Tax Bills From Trump

On Wednesday President-elect Donald Trump’s economic advisor Steve Moore said the incoming administration may introduce two separate tax bills to increase chances of prompt Congressional approval.

“I think you may see a business tax cut where you could actually get, I believe, a lot of Democrats especially if you linked that with infrastructure spending then you might leave the second part, which is the broad-based tax reform, for another day,” Moore first reported on FOX Business Network’s Cavuto: Coast-to-Coast.

Moore said Trump’s tax reform plan should primarily focus on slashing the corporate tax rate to somewhere between 15% and 20%. When it comes to the individual tax rate, Moore admitted it will be difficult for members in Congress to agree on cuts.

“Democrats in Washington don’t want to cut the highest tax rate. Neil, they want to raise the highest tax rate on rich people so you are going to get a big battle on that,” he said.