Soap Actor Sean Kanan on Angelina Jolie's Trump Stance

Soap opera actor Sean Kanan weighs in on the election and what led him to back Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential race

“I was actually an independent for a long time and I was moved to support Mr. Trump this year.  I think that the liberal Democrats are really moving us towards having a one world order, where America is simply a country among countries.  And I tend to agree with Ronald Reagan that we are that shining city on a hill,” Kanan told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

Kanan then responded to actress Angelina Jolie’s comments on Trump’s Muslim stance.

“I think Mr. Trump is absolutely not a perfect candidate.  A lot of people said the same thing about Ronald Reagan though and he turned out to be one of our greatest presidents.  That being said, that’s definitely one of his policies that I’m not particularly in favor of,” said Kanan

Then Kanan explained his take on U.S. immigration policy.

“What I am in favor of is our government enforcing our immigration laws and vetting these people coming to our country rather than necessarily putting out a blanket ban on all Muslims coming into the country,” Kanan said.

Despite Kanan’s support of Trump he says he has not helped the candidate’s fundraising efforts yet, but is open to it.

“I haven’t raised any money for Mr. Trump yet, but I wouldn’t rule that out either,” said Kanan.

Kanan raised concerns about Hillary Clinton. “The whole Benghazi thing, the whole duplicity about the emails, it just really rubs me the wrong way,” Kanan said.

Kanan sees a different set of standards for those in the public sector compared to private citizens.

“I know a lot of stuff has come up about Mr. Trump, but the thing people have to remember is that for decades he was living his life as a private citizen and as a businessman and I think there is a different set of criterion that apply to somebody who’s in the public eye as to someone who’s in private business sector,” said Kanan

Kanan said one of the key issues that resonated with him is, “the way the veterans are being treated.  I mean the brave men and women that defend us, that defend our very liberty, are being treated, in many cases, like garbage.  Mr. Trump wants to rebuild the military which I am a huge proponent of and he wants to treat our veterans right.”

Kanan then weighed in on the growth of government and its impact on Americans.

“I have a theory, it’s not mine but I subscribe to it that the expansion of government really causes a contraction of our own personal liberties.  We are mortgaging a bill for our kids and grandkids that may very well be something that could eventually collapse our economic system,” Kanan said.