Singer Joy Villa mulls run for Congress

Singer Joy Villa, who made headlines when she wore a dress decked out with President Donald Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” to the Grammys last February, is now weighing her own run for political office in her home state of Florida.

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According to her website,, she is passionate about “healthcare, immigration and infrastructure.”

The outspoken Trump supporter says she wants to run for office because “Congress can’t get anything done.”

“Congress is messed up, as we can see they can’t get much done. It’s a failure. And the thing with Congress, it was never intended for people with law degrees only to represent people. It was intended for normal citizens who actually care about their constituents and want to run, do a few terms, do some good and then go back to their lives,” Villa said during an interview with FOX Business’ Liz MacDonald on Thursday.

Villa is not the only Hollywood star mulling a run for office. Musicians Kid Rock and Ted Nugent have also suggested they are weighing the possibility of a political run. The singer is supportive of other “normal, everyday people” running for public office.

Regarding sexual misconducts allegations of people in office, Villa says she has experienced this in her own right in the music industry and says it is “disgusting that these men think they can get away with something when they are supposed to be political servants to their people.”

“This is really showing that this swamp needs to be drained. We need normal, everyday people who care about America to come up, step up and run,” she said.