Singapore was top cyberattack target during U.S.-North Korea summit

In an FOX Business Exclusive,  Technology company F5 Networks says Singapore became the number one target of cyberattacks in the world on June 11th and 12th – while President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un met in the country for their summit.

According to data gathered by their Threat Research Intelligence team that monitors global attacks – 88 percent of cyber attacks were deployed by Russian IP addresses.

Singapore battled 40,000 thousand attacks – the company does not know if the hackers gained access to info.

“Out of the 40,000 events that day that Trump was there – a majority of those were reconnaissance scans – but they were followed up by attacks,” said Sara Boddy, Director of F5 Labs. “To us it indicates that they found something and they actually got on devices.”

Boddy also says attackers targeted Voice-Over IP phones – which are found in hotels and businesses.

She says this is what separates this attack from other large scale cyber events calling it unique – sophisticated – and not run-of-the-mill.

Boddy says these devices would “be the type of phones that would exist in the hotels where President Trump and Kim were staying in, or any of the infrastructure around them that they visited in their trip”. She says the point of targeting these devices is to listen in on the intended target.

Boddy says she thinks if actors were able to get away with useful information it made it's way to Putin “If they actually did actually get information on targets of interest in the attacks that they launched against Singapore – while Trump was there. I bet my house on it that it would get up to the Kremlin.”

The firm is looking into how many systems may have been compromised and what – if anything – they got away with.