Senator Reid Takes a Tone

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s comments on Hispanics’ party affiliation is causing quite an uproar.

Speaking to Latino supporters in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Senator Reid said, “I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, okay. Do I need to say more?"

Fox News Contributor and political analyst Angela McGlowan joined Varney & Co. to share her thoughts.

“Being a black, female Republican myself, I am used to this.” McGlowan continues, “What Liberals do when they can’t stand on the issue is race baiting. This has been done many a time.”

The Las Vegas Review-Journal is reporting that the comments made on Tuesday by the senator were made in a discussion about immigration policy – even suggesting that some want to treat Hispanics differently because of their skin tone.

McGlowan isn’t falling for it. “You have poverty pimps who go into these neighborhoods, just like Harry Reid, Al Sharpton, and others and say Republicans want to keep you down. Republicans don’t want to empower you. Republicans want to keep you on that plantation, when in essence we want to empower.”

Senator Reid’s campaign had this statement: “Sen. Reid’s contention was simply that he doesn't understand how anyone, Hispanic or otherwise, would vote for Republican candidates because they oppose saving teachers jobs.”

McGlowan concludes, “What Democrats should do is run on the issues, and not on the race baiting, and not on emotion and fear mongering. That’s what Harry Reid is doing because he is desperate because he probably will lose.”