Senate Republicans, House in talks to combine health care and tax cuts into one bill, White House sources say

Senate Republicans are mulling over the idea of combining health care reform and tax cuts into one bill, in an effort to expedite the process for passing Trump’s legislative agenda, sources inside the White House told FOX Business’ Charlie Gasparino.

Trump’s promise for economic reform, which would bring down the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 15 percent, and overhauling ObamaCare has been pushed to the sideline, as the ongoing investigation into possible ties between the administration and Russia continues to dominate the news cycle.

In an effort to expedite what has been an uphill battle in passing Trump’s key legislative promises, the talks underway in the House and the Senate aim to get it all done at once – health care and tax cuts all in one bill.

With 2018 an election year, the clock is ticking for Congress to come together and pass tax reform before their time is spent out on the campaign trail.