Republicans, Democrats are in bloody civil wars: Kennedy

Hillary Clinton stinks! This according to Donna Brazile, whose peppery memoir is still making waves in the Democratic Party as establish mentalists and distraught Bernie-ites continue to drown in discord.

Clinton loyalists, that shrinking smattering of shrews, have been trying furiously to debunk Brazile as a conspiracy theorist and mental midget, but so far the main claims in Brazile's new Clinton smasher hold true.

Hillary did have a special agreement with the DNC that allowed her to control the finances, messaging and personnel, and this spelled certain doom for Sanders. The DNC was in debt having hemorrhaged critical funds to the leftover leeches of past Obama campaigns and Wassermann Schultz mismanagement, but it was also an ethically compromised organization that found a natural leader in the equally sketchy Brazile.

Donna tried to lie about giving Hillary debate questions ahead of a Bernie brawl, but she slammed her long nose in the door when she tried to shut out Sen. Sanders.

Brazile can claim Hillary’s campaign had the odor of failure, her headquarters were like a sterile hospital that was populated with eye-rolling millennial spin doctors, but other than sell books and tank the party it doesn't do much to further her own agenda.

So why did she do it? Maybe because the blood of the party is still on her hands, and the whole enterprise is so wholly flawed she had no other choice but to drop a match on the kerosene soaked rags of the DNC.

Both major parties are in the midst of bloody civil wars and the foot soldiers and generals all appear to be self-interested, power hungry boobs with soiled intentions. Maybe blow up the bloated two party system and allow more voices in who have a better shot of stopping the deep state and establishment politicians before a damaging election, not after writing a bitter memoir.