Republican Health Care Plan D.O.A. in Senate: Democratic Strategist

Democratic Strategist Tom Baer says the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, set to go to a vote in the House, is "dead on arrival."

Baer said the GOP health care bill may pass the House, but won't fare well in the Senate. “The bill that will come out if it passes, and I kind of think it will, has really got some stuff in there that is odious, the smelliest one is where they have put in the bill that it in upstate and rural communities in New York, the federal government will no longer pay for Medicaid. That’s going to be paid for by the state, another unfunded mandate," Baer told FOX Business Network's Stuart Varney. “So, that kind of stuff, even if it results in a passage, we’re going to go to dead on the Senate.”

In New York, Baer said a group of wealthy New Yorkers believe the rich should pay more in taxes--and have asked the state for "tax fairness" in the form of a 1% tax increase. “If these people want to contribute, and they should as you’ve said ‘to the public good,’ let them give to hospitals, schools, other organizations, orchestras that really need the money where you get a donor agreement, a written agreement, binding whoever the donee is.  What’s wrong with that?”