Repealing ObamaCare without a replacement leaves millions uninsured: Fmr. Rep. Kucinich

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Market based health care will hurt millions of Americans, says fmr. Rep. Kucinich

Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) discusses the differences between a single-payer health care system under ObamaCare versus the GOP’s free market health bill proposal.

Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) on Wednesday said that a single-payer health care system, like ObamaCare, would benefit the American people more than one that depends on the free market, which is proposed in the latest GOP health care bill.

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“With this market based approach, I think there is an inherent fallacy in trying to believe that somehow we can let the market determine exactly how much people pay, if they are going to be covered or not. That’s a prescription for a country that doesn’t take care of its people,” he told FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto.

The former congressman acknowledges that ObamaCare has its flaws, but explains that getting rid of it without a replacement plan will negatively impact millions of Americans.

“The program we have now does have its limitations; premiums have gone up significantly in the last couple of years. If the Republicans go forward and they repeal ObamaCare without any replacement whatsoever, there will be tens of millions of people that will be adversely affected,” he said.

The Senate, on Tuesday, voted to debate the House GOP health care plan on the Senate floor.

When it comes to health care reform, Kucinich believes that Congress is not meeting the needs of the American people.

“And frankly in all of this health care debate because of the tremendous economic influence of the insurance companies, I don’t think the concerns of the American people and their health and their financial conditions are part of the debate and I hope it gets back to that,” he said.

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Kucinich explained why a single-payer system or ObamaCare benefits everyone.

“What works for everyone is what works for every other industrialized Democracy and that is that you have a single-payer system, everyone’s covered, nobody goes broke, no bankruptcies, people don’t die because they can’t get health care. We have to start looking at the bigger picture here and frankly there aren’t people in either party that are doing it right now,” he said.

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