Rand Paul still a 'no' on GOP health bill: 'It's crony capitalism'

Senator Rand Paul said Thursday he is still opposed to the Senate health care bill, telling FOX Business the GOP bill doesn’t repeal Obamacare and has created a “giant new insurance bailout.”

“The Democrats created this disaster; we can fix it with freedom, competition, [and] choice,” he said. “I believe in what made America great and that is capitalism.”

The Kentucky lawmaker said the bill hands an additional $2 billion to insurance companies. Paul says he’s all for "injecting more capitalism” to save the health care industry, but he won't support “crony capitalism."

“I’m not willing to subsidize insurance companies. I think that’s a terrible thing to do,” he said.  “It’s crony capitalism and there has to be somebody left in Washington who doesn’t believe in crony capitalism.”