Rand Paul is wrong on health care bill: Andy Puzder

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Not a redo of ObamaCare, Rand Paul is just plain wrong: Andy Puzder

Former CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder on why he believes Sen. Rand Paul (R-Texas) is 'plain wrong' on health care.

Former CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder says Sen. Rand Paul’s comments on the Senate health care bill, which he says he opposes, are "just plain wrong."

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Paul told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Wednesday, “When I look at this I keep reading it and it’s like, it sounds like ObamaCare to me, doesn’t even sound like ObamaCare light, in some areas it may be ObamaCare plus."

Puzder, in an interview with FOX Business' Stuart Varney, disagreed. "This is not a redo of ObamaCare, the 30-hour work week is gone, the employee mandate’s gone, the individual mandate’s gone, the taxes are removed.”

Puzder agreed with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), saying, “We’d like to see premiums come down more.”

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But Puzder raised concerns about the issue of pre-existing conditions.

“I’m a little concerned with the fact that we not only keep, in the Senate bill we keep the exclusion for pre-existing conditions which really discourages young people.”

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