President Trump Meets with Business Execs, Pledges to Cut Taxes and Regulations

President Donald Trump met with a dozen business leaders at the White House on Monday, promising to slash regulations and offer a "very major" border tax on companies that move jobs outside the U.S.

"We think we can cut regulations by 75 percent. Maybe more," Trump told business leaders in the Roosevelt Room.

The meeting welcomed some of the country’s most prominent corporate leaders, including Dow Chemical Co. Chief Executive Officer Andrew Liveris and Ford Motor Company Chief Executive Officer Mark Fields.

FOX Business Network’s Blake Burman asked Mr. Liveris if he took President Trump at his word over penalizing companies with a tax if jobs are moved across the border.

“We did talk about the border tax quite a bit and we did talk the sorts of industries that might be helped or hurt by that [border tax]. I would take the president at his word here. He’s not going to do anything to harm competitiveness. He is going to actually make us all more competitive,” Liveris said.

Fields said he is encouraged by today’s meeting and found it very positive for manufacturing and the U.S. economy.

“I think walking out of the meeting today, I know I come out with a lot of confidence that the President is very, very serious on making sure that the United States economy is going to be strong and they have policies and tax [es], regulatory or trade to drive that,” he said.