Picking Apart the GOP's Grand Ole' Plan

The Republicans have come up with a four-point plan to fix the economy; 1) Fire the President’s economic team, 2) Keep the Bush tax cuts, 3) Cut spending, and 4) Repeal health-care reform. Not everyone’s on board with this plan. Democratic Strategist Mary Anne Marsh doesn’t think that the Republican plan is what the country needs right now.

“The Republicans have no credibility in this matter,” Marsh said. “Listening to the Republicans talk about those four points is like looking at an alcoholic say they’re not drinking anymore when they have a drink in their hand. Not one of those things is going to fix this economy. That’s the problem”

Marsh’s plan… put the pressure on big business to hire and banks to lend. “I think Barack Obama needs to take in the heads of all these companies sitting on trillions of dollars, bring them into his office and give them the same speech that he gave to BP,” Marsh explained. “Every treasurer in this country could take the money they’ve invested in big banks that won’t lend, withdraw that money and put it in local banks with the stipulation that they lend to small businesses. That would change the economy on the dime.”

Marsh believes that the Democrats are the only ones who are really trying to fix the economy. “I say that at least what was done over the last 18 months helped stop the bleeding and hemorrhaging. I think we have to do some new things going forward, but doing nothing is not the answer, and that’s what you’re hearing from the Republicans.”