Peebles on Skipping DNC: I'm Not Dissing the Entire Democratic Party

One former fundraiser for President Obama is skipping the Democratic National Convention.

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Don Peebles, a real estate investor, said he won’t be attending this year’s DNC due to an unfair process against Bernie Sanders.

“I don’t see myself as a Democrat, I see myself as an American first,” Peebles told the FOX Business Network. “And the basic premise of our society and our democracy is fair play and everyone gets a fair chance… and so here the party of opportunity and the party supposed to be the most inclusive is internally rigging a game against Bernie Sanders.”

Despite being displeased with the process, Peebles said he believes Clinton would have beaten Sanders anyway.

“You look at the few candidates running for the Democratic nomination in this cycle, and in terms of quality candidates, Hillary Clinton stood head and shoulders above the others,” he said. “Maybe other Democrats out here realized that the game was rigged and didn’t compete this time. So I think the challenge is that when there is a rigged process, it discourages open debate.”

As of now, Peebles said he isn’t backing anyone in the race, but continues to openly listen to the candidates.

“I’m looking forward to hearing the debate post the rhetoric of the convention. I’m not dissing the entire Democratic Party, but I just can’t, in good conscience, go to a convention that is being run by a group of people that rigged a campaign against the number-two candidate in the Democratic primary season—it just does not stand for the principles of our country.”