Paul Mitchell Co-Founder: American Jobs Can't Easily be Brought Back

Paul Mitchell Co-Founder John Paul DeJoria weighed in on Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention and how the nominee’s trade and economic policies would impact the business community.

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“Not being a big fan of Donald Trump because of his demeanor during of course the primaries, that speech last night was a great speech, a really great speech,” DeJoria told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

DeJoria questioned the feasibility of implementing some of Trump’s trade policies and plans to bring jobs back to America.

“When he talks about bringing jobs back to America and really looking at some of these trade agreements, I know that some things he’s saying can’t easily be done to bring American jobs back.”

DeJoria responded to concerns that a Trump presidency would lead to a shutdown in trade.

“No, I didn’t hear it at all last night and there won’t be a shut down in trade because both sides still benefit. No matter who you’re doing business with, they still benefit. But I think what scares some of the bigger businesses is he’s saying it’s not going to be business as usual. And with all due respect, our government does give a lot of grants to a lot of big companies that make a lot of money that shouldn’t really be getting those grants.”

DeJoria then called on Trump to explain some of the tangible steps he would take to achieve his plans.

“At first you were going to build that wall and have Mexico pay for it. Well that’s not going to happen – I don’t think Mexico’s going to pay for a wall. Donald you have a lot of great things that you said, a lot of good things. But exactly how are you going to do it? That’s what I’d love to hear. How are you going to do it?  We in business say ‘we are going to do this, we’re going to market this, but here’s how we’re going to do it.’ And then we go forth with our plans. Donald how are you going to do it buddy?”