Olympic gold medalist sounds off on ‘Right to Try’ bill: Government is ‘selfish’

Scott Hamilton, an Olympic gold medalist who defeated cancer, said terminally ill patients should have the option to try experimental drugs not approved by the FDA.

“I think if a patient wants to try something to extend their lives… I think they have the right to do that,” Hamilton said to FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on “Varney & Co.”

This comes as the House failed to pass a bill, endorsed by President Trump, that would have given terminally ill patients “Right to Try” drugs not approved by the FDA.

“For the government to take that away is really shortsighted and selfish,” he said.

In this matter, it’s all about the patient’s best interest, Hamilton added.

“I understand… every moment of your life is precious. Every breath you take is worth something and to extend life, to be able to do everything you can to extend life I think is extremely important,” he said.