ObamaCare victim calls out GOP Senate

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ObamaCare victim speaks out against the Affordable Care Act

ObamaCare victim Marjorie Weer on how ObamaCare has let her family down and why she supports the GOP health care plan.

ObamaCare ‘victim’, Marjorie Weer, has a 3-year-old son, Montgomery, with spina bifida that has been on three different health care plans since he was born.

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“One of the keys to giving a special needs child the care that they need is continuity of care,” said Weer.

Weer stood behind President Donald Trump yesterday as he gave recognition to families with special needs children and the struggles they go through.

When ObamaCare was first proposed, Americans were promised that they would be able to keep their own doctor if they preferred. Though, that was not the case for the Weer family, even after they spent hours of research finding the best doctor for their son.

In addition to not being able to keep their chosen doctor, they also saw a rise in their health care costs.

“This year our premiums went up 23%. Our income did not go up 23%, but our premiums went up 23%,” Weer said.

She also tells FBN’s Liz MacDonald that there has been more limited access to health care and that people confuse access to insurance with access to the actual care.

Weer saw this first hand when the family wanted Montgomery to receive treatment at Boston Children’s Hospital, but the insurance provider did not cover out of state care.

“It was a long process [the insurance company] did work with me and I’m very grateful for that, but it shouldn’t be this complicated,” she said.

Today the Senate started the process for ObamaCare repeal by voting to begin debate on the proposed senate health care bill. The vote totaled 51-50 with Vice President Mike Pence being the tiebreaker, as well as Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) being flown in for the vote after his brain cancer diagnosis.

Weer sends a strong message to senators saying that she wants to see them repeal ObamaCare.

“Get your job done, or we’ll sit home in 2018,” Weer said.

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