ObamaCare Architect: GOP Health Care Bill is Inadequately Funded

ObamaCare architect Dr. Zeke Emanuel on Friday discussed why the GOP health care bill is doomed to fail, and what would really help lower health care premiums.

In an interview with Melissa Francis on the FOX Business Network, Dr. Emanuel noted that the GOP’s plan to fund its health care bill through high risk pools is “inadequately funded.”

“In the Republican bill they have about $138 billion dollars…Every analysis says that’s inadequate, even Republicans at the American Enterprise Institute say you need at least $200 billion dollars” Dr. Emanuel said.

Zeke gave another reason why high-risk pools, which is a part of the GOP health care bill to pay for everyone’s insurance, would be ineffective.

“Every economic analysis shows you that it’s a very inefficient way of providing health insurance. You have to give subsidies to these people of more than 10,000 dollars to buy insurance… and the estimates of the number of people who you would actually have to cover would be very large,” he said.

Dr. Emanuel explained how spreading out the cost of insurance amongst the population would help bring down the cost of premiums -- instead paying for the cost of healthcare through high risks pools, he suggests spreading the amount amongst the broader population.

“We know that 5 percent of the population uses 50 percent of the health care costs so you actually end up subsidizing a huge amount of health care where as if you spread it out, if you get everyone insurance, you are spreading out those payments across the entire population, it’s a much smaller amount per person,” he said.