NRA says "bump stocks" should be 'subject to additional regulations': Varney

NRA says “bump stocks” should be ‘subject to additional regulations’: Varney

The National Rifle Association says those “bump-stock” devices, used by the shooter in Las Vegas, should be "subject to additional regulations.”

This is news. The “bump stock” device turns a semi-automatic rifle into a fully automatic weapon, rapid fire...keep your finger on the trigger and the bullets fly in a continuous can spray a crowd. That’s what Stephen Paddock did.

The NRA favors regulating these devices. The wording of the regulation should be carefully checked so it does not descend into a full scale attack on gun ownership. And it looks like there will be support for this measure from both Democrats and Republicans.

Good. The “bump stock” device allowed Stephen Paddock to maximize his killing. It was a mechanized massacre.  He turned 12 rifles into attack-style killing machines. The “bump stock” was not for defense, it was for offense.

The NRA, rightly supports regulation.