Nigel Farage eyes return to the ‘front line’ of British politics


Farage: Brexit might lead to political return

Nigel Farage, FOX News contributor on whether he will return to the frontline of British politics.

The man behind Brexit, Nigel Farage, said Wednesday he is “disgusted” with British ministers for backtracking on Brexit promises and as a result, it may force the European Parliament member a return to the frontline of British politics.

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“Thirty and a half million people voted Conservative just a few months ago on a promise they would take us out of the European Union, take us out of the single market and reduce net migration to tens of thousands a year,” Farage told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney.

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The former U.K. Independence Party leader said the Brexit manifesto ticket couldn’t have been any clearer and now he sees inconsistencies among senior government figures such as the Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, head of Her Majesty's Treasury.

“I very much led the charge for Brexit over the last twenty years I guess and if we find, in a couple of years’ time, that Brexit does not really mean Brexit then we will have to fight that battle again and I will, yes, have to…get to back to the front lines,” Farage said.

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