New Report Shows IRS Failed to Notify 100,000 Taxpayers on Data Breach

According to a new report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, the IRS failed to notify some taxpayers after their accounts were compromised by hackers in 2015.

The report revealed more than 350,000 people had information breached. Originally, the IRS counted about 220,000.

On Thursday, Tea Party Patriots co-founder Mark Meckler commented on the hack.

“Here’s the thing—these guys [the IRS], I don’t know what century they’re operating in, but they’re not using what’s called multi-factor authentication security,” Meckler told the FOX Business Network’s Charles Payne. “Every financial institution uses this. The IRS wasn’t using it. That’s why the hack happened.”

Meckler blasted IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, saying the Republicans should move to impeach the agency’s leader.

“This guy has to go because they [the IRS] have a culture from the top down of total disdain for the American public, and then covering up when they do bad things that are found out,” Meckler said.

However, the political activist believes Congress hasn’t started the impeachment process because it “lacks the political will.”

“Anything that might be the slightest bit controversial, anything that involves Congress really getting into action, they simply don’t do,” Meckler said. “Look at all the things they could have defunded that they don’t defund. Look at all the times Republicans should have stood and they don’t stand. We have a weak and feckless Congress that is not there representing the American people.”