Neil Cavuto discredits Newsweek's Trump 'Lazy Boy' cover

Newsweek magazine’s criticism of President Trump in its latest cover has a lot of people talking, including FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto.

The cover features an illustration of Trump sitting in a recliner with junk food and a remote control, calling the president a ‘Lazy Boy.’

“This is off the charts bizarre. Unfair to the president of the United States…This cover purports to say that just six months in this President is already a failure,” said Cavuto.

Cavuto listed Trump’s accomplishments in his first six months, highlighting that one million jobs were added and four trillion dollars were added in market value.  The Fox Business anchor said that he was easily able to counteract Newsweek’s argument that Trump is ‘lazy’ in just three minutes.

“This article has no point. It’s in a news magazine, and impressionable people that don’t know anything about mainstream media bias, might be led to the conclusion that the president is a total waste,” he said.