Nancy Pelosi not the real problem for Democrats: Carly Fiorina

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi faces growing doubts among some Democrats after losing the special election in Georgia, but former 2016 presidential candidate Carly Fiorina says the real problem for the Democrats is they don’t have a political platform.

“I think that Pelosi is a very divisive figure,” Fiorina said during an exclusive interview Thursday on the FOX Business Network, “The more cogent point for Democrats to understand is they don’t have a program.”

While the former HP CEO believes there are some people on the “progressive end of the Democratic Party” who want to remove Pelosi because she’s “not progressive enough,” the point is, they have no real platform.

“It’s not enough to criticize Trump. Hillary Clinton learned that,” she said. “Every single one of these special elections, what was the program? We don’t like Trump.  Well, but what are you actually offering the American people?”